About Our Chefs

Dave Casey and Nicole Bartlett are both culinary graduates from Johnson & Wales University. They each have their own unique styles that unite in the love that is put into every dish. They both have accrued extensive experience after years of working in various restaurant establishments as executive chefs and sous chefs.

Dave started out as Davas Flavah’s, where he created specialty spices, home delivered meals, and provided catering. Nicole started out as Perfectly Prepped, which was also a meal prep and catering company. They would run into each other quite often at Farmer’s markets and similar venues and quickly became good friends. After many conversations on what each could do to continue to grow their businesses, the answer became clear. If you combine the concepts and the talents of these two chefs, then they will be a force to be reckoned with!

After an extensive search for their storefront, they found a place in the Town of East Bridgewater and in early March of 2020, Perfectly Flavah’d Café was born.

Then COVID hit and it shut down all indoor dining, but that wouldn’t stop these two chefs! They had the experience of doing meal prep and delivering an incredible meal to boot.  Family and friends rallied around them. They donned masks, gloves, and a lot of hand sanitizer while the chefs went at it hard, doing what they do best. The cars were lined up outside and the staff was rushing out orders left and right. They were going to make it thanks to the phenomenal community support during the most tumultuous time in restaurant history.

Their goal has always been keeping you plugged in to the food scene so you will always have new foods and concepts to explore. Creating great tasting meals while maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle. Despite the curveballs they were thrown, they succeeded.

Introducing a new concept and the best of both worlds!